Proposal to expand walking streets in Hanoi

08:21 22/09/2016
Hanoi – The People’s Committee of Hoan Kiem district said they had completed the plan to enlarge the walking streets in the Old Quarters of Hanoi.

Accordingly, the expansion includes 7 streets and 2 alleys, namely streets of Hang Chieu, Ngo Gach, Nguyen Sieu, Dao Duy Tu (from Hang Buom to Hang Chieu), Hang Bac, Dinh Liet and Cau Go and Trung Yen alleys. The streets mentioned need preservation and meet appropriate requirements as the current walking streets.

After becoming parts of the existing walking streets, including Hang Buom, Ma May, Dao Duy Tu, etc. they are expected to contribute to promoting values of the Old Quarters in terms of culture, cuisine, trade and tourism.

According to the plan, the operating time of the expanded areas is supposed to stay the same as the current walking streets, which is said to be between Friday and Sunday from 7 pm to 0 am (summertime) and from 6 pm to 00 am (wintertime). Businesses are allowed to stay available until 2 am the next morning.

The expansion of the walking areas may result in the removal of 12 static traffic points in the Old Quarters, serving as parking lots for visitors with the area of some 937 m2. 

Hải Châu