Two vessels of Royal Canadian Navy to visit Cam Ranh in June

Thứ Hai, 27/05/2019, 17:34

PSNews - The Canadian Embassy in Vietnam announced that, two vessels of Royal Canadian Navy will visit Cam Ranh military base in central Vietnam for the first time ever on June 10.

Canada's frigate HMCS Regina. Photo: Canada Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City.

Two vessels, the frigate HMCS Regina and supply ship Asterix, will dock at Cam Ranh deep-water naval base and implements a chain of activities during the four-day visit.

As part of the Canadian Navy’s exchange program with their counterparts in the Asia-Pacific, they will play sports with Vietnamese naval officers, visit social support centers and Khanh Hoa University.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Jacob French, commanding officer of the HMCS Regina, the highlight of the visit would be the final day, June 13, when the Canadian vessels join Vietnamese naval ships for an exercise in the sea.

Deborah Paul, Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam shared that this visit will reflect Canada's commitment to Vietnam as reliable defence partner, contributing to enhancing the bilateral relations between the two countries.

One of the most advanced warships in the world, the HMCS Regina is a Halifax-class frigate that has served since 1993. It is equipped with anti-submarine and anti-floating ship combat weapons and radar systems that have powerful anti-aircraft combat capabilities.

The Asterix, a converted commercial container, is an interim replacement for a Protecteur-class replenishment oiler. Originally launched in Germany in 2010, the ship was converted and delivered to the Canadian Navy in December 2017 and will be in service well into the 2020s.

By Linh Bui