Vietnam Mathematic Society still do not provide comment letter on the multiple-choice math test

12:30 15/09/2016
The Vietnam Mathematical Society (VMS) published a press release regarding its official opinion for the 2017 national high school exam on September 13th.

As written in the press release, VMS's Executive Committee held a meeting to discuss about "The draft plan for high school graduation, university and college entrance examination 2017" of Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MoET)

Accordingly, the participants agreed to send MoET a comment letter related to the said draft plan. The meeting secretary should summarize all of the ideas and it will be considered an official letter of VMS's Executive Committee. 

VMS's Chairman Nguyen Huu Du said the VMS continues collecting  ideas of VMS's members. Therefore, to date, such comment letter is still not released.
Thu Phuong