Ensuring the security of the Hung Kings Temple Festival

Thứ Năm, 06/04/2017, 14:20

PSNews- As the number of pilgrims to join the National Death Anniversary of Hung Kings 2017 is predicted to be higher than the previous years, Phu Tho Provincial Police has proposed the Steering Committee and the Organizing Committee on the Hung Kings' Death Anniversary several plans to ensure security and order.

Thousands of people flocked to Phu Tho for the Festival

Senior Colonel Ha Minh Tan, Deputy Director of the Phu Tho Provincial Police said that this year, the mission of ensuring security before, during and after the Hung Kings Temple Festival 2017 has several differences from the previous years.

He also said that this year, Phu Tho province mobilized many police officers and soldiers to ensure the security of the Hung Kings Temple Festival. In addition, other forces of the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Transportation are also deployed there to cooperate with the local forces to ensure absolute safety for pilgrims and visitors during the festival.

Before the opening of the festival, the provincial police force had launched various campaigns to suppress crimes throughout the province. Forces of the Traffic Police, the Criminal Police of neighboring districts such as Lam Thao, Tam Nong, Phu Ninh ... also stepped up public patrols and took more measures to  prevent crime.

Many police officers have been deployed

In addition to human security forces, Phu Tho province has also deployed additional 20 security cameras (totaling up to 50 cameras) across the Hung Kings Temple and other important points in the nearby city of Viet Tri, so as to early detect, grasp and handle arising issues of security and order during the Hung Kings Temple Festival 2017.

According to the Organizing Committee, the anniversary of the Hung Kings' Death Ceremony held one hour earlier than the previous year, starting at 6 am to ensure that more people could join the ceremony early, while reducing congestion.
By Duy Tien