Bac Ninh police strictly handle violations of COVID-19 rules

20:24 18/06/2021
PSNews – In recent times, leaderships of the Bac Ninh Provincial Police Department has directed the local police forces to increase patrol and inspection to strictly punish those who violate the COVID-19 regulations.

From May 5 to June 16, the Bac Ninh police forces fined 797 people for not wearing facemasks in public places and 755 others for not following social distance measure.

The local police forces also fined 15 businesses that violated the COVID-19 regulations, 6 people who had posted wrong information about the local pandemic situation on the Internet, and 5 others who failed to comply with the police’s inspection.

The fine totaled 3.55 billion VND.

In the coming time, the Bac Ninh Provincial Police Department will continue inspection and patrol to promptly detect and strictly handle violation of the pandemic regulations, contributing to raising public awareness of COVID prevention in Bac Ninh province.

By An Nhien