Can Tho City police donate blood as local blood bank runs out

19:55 16/02/2020
Over 70 young officers and soldiers of the Can Tho Municipal Police Department, on February 12, participated in an emergency blood donation program  as the local blood bank for medical treatment has been running out.

The donation program took place on February 12 at the Can Tho Hematology and Blood Transfusion Hospital.

Can Tho City police donate blood.

According to representatives of the Can Tho Hematology and Blood Transfusion Hospital,  blood reserves for medical treatment at all hospitals and medical facilities in the Mekong Delta are all at an alarming level.

In order to ensure the reserve of blood for emergency cases, especially amid COVID-19, the Can Tho city police encouraged its officers and soldiers to participate in the emergency blood donation.

All the local officers and soldiers voluntarily donating their blood are in a good health condition. The Can Tho city police praised two police officers with rare blood type (ORh-) who are always willing to donate blood for emergency cases.

By Thien Minh