Counter-narcotics police force asked to improve efficiency of fugitive drug-related criminal pursuit

Thứ Ba, 24/11/2020, 14:09
PSNews - The Counter Narcotics Police Department held a meeting on November 20 to review the work of pursuing fugitive drug-related criminals over the past 10 years (2010 - 2020).
Senior Lieutenant General Le Quy Vuong speaking at the meeting. 

Senior Lieutenant General Le Quy Vuong, Member of the Party Central Committee and Deputy Minister of Public Security attended and delivered a speech at the meeting.

According to statistics, from 2010 to Q2 of 2020, criminal investigation agencies nationwide investigated more than 208,000 drug-related cases and arrested nearly 322,000 people involved, seized 7.8 tons of heroin, 11.7 tons of synthetic drugs and more than five million pills of synthetic drugs. Particularly, the counter-narcotics police force arrested or mobilized 3,600 fugitive drug-related criminals to surrender to the authorities.

Deputy Minister Le Quy Vuong handling Certificates of Merit to teams with outstanding achievements.

Speaking at the meeting, on behalf of the Ministry of Public Security’ leadership, Deputy Minister Le Quy Vuong highly appreciated the working results of the counter-narcotics police force over the past decade.

Given complicated developments in the situation of drug-related crimes in the time to come, the Deputy Minister requested the counter-narcotics police force to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the guidelines and regulations on the pursuit of fugitive drug-related criminals while leaders, officers, and soldiers at all counter-narcotics units should raise their sense of responsibility in performing their assigned tasks.

The counter-narcotics units should closely coordinate with the local authorities and families of the accused who are out on bail or stay of judgment to manage and supervise them, prevent them from running away. The force was also asked to attach importance to raising the people’s sense of vigilance as well as mobilize them to participate in fighting and reporting drug-related crimes to the police force.

Deputy Minister Le Quy Vuong also asked the counter-narcotics police force to increase information exchange and working experience sharing in pursuing fugitive drug-related criminals via multilateral, bilateral cooperation mechanisms and Interpol, as well as promote cooperation with provinces of the countries bordering Vietnam.

By Linh Bui