Economic Police Department reviews performance of tasks

17:14 10/07/2020
The Police Department for Corruption, Smuggling and Economic Crimes (Economic Police Department), under the Ministry of Public Security, organized a conference on July 8 to review the “For National Security” movement in the period of 2015-2020 and its task performance of in the first half of 2020.
    Under the authority of the State President, Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Long, Director of the Economic Police Department awards the “Feat of Arms” Order to individuals with outstanding achievements.

    According to reports at the conference, the Economic Police Department has investigated over 500 economic cases and arrested some 2.800 people involved. The success in investigating major cases has contributed to stabilizing the political situation, affirming the determination of the Party, State and Government in the fight against corruption, as well as demonstrating the strictness of the law and the role and responsibility of the Public Security Force in the fight against corruption. This has also created positive effects, and cement officials, party members and people’s trust in the leadership of the Party.

    The recovery of the lost assets has promptly and effectively been implemented, reducing losses to the State. Particularly, the Department has reclaimed over VND 83,209 billion to the State Budget in the past 5 years.

    The department has been awarded the “Excellent Emulation Unit” title by the Government for the past eight consecutive years while its subordinates have received various honors from the Government and the Ministry.

    Under the authority of the Prime Minister, Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Long, Director of the Economic Police Department awards the Certificates of Merit to teams and individuals.

    Especially, the department was awarded the first-class Military Exploit Order by the State President while teams and individuals were awarded two second-class Military Exploit Orders and other awards and titles.

    Speaking at the conference, Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Long, Director of the Department, rolled out working plans for the remaining months of the year, stressing all of its subordinate units should effectively fight against corruption and economic crimes. They should also help ministries, branches and units detect their weaknesses and limitations in management, give strategic advice to leaders at all levels to direct and prevent wrongdoings in the fields of economic and finance while trying to investigate and resolve thoroughly economic cases under the supervision of the Central Steering Committee on Anti-Corruption and the Central Committee for Internal Affairs.

    By Duy Tien