Forum to raise police students’ awareness of traffic safety held at Police Academy

20:53 29/11/2018

PSNews - The People's Police Academy recently held a forum named "My stories - Your lessons" with the aim of raising awareness of police students when participating in traffic as well as building traffic culture, contributing to avoiding unexpected traffic accidents.

Participants at the forum. 

At the forum, experts provided students with knowledge of harmful effects of alcohol use, the legal regulations on alcohol concentration in blood and breath when participating in traffic.

At the same time, experts also told real stories about victims of traffic accidents related to alcohol and beer, helping police students drawing lessons for themselves, raising their awareness of traffic safety as well as improving their behaviors when participating in traffic.

Major General Tran Minh Chat, Director of People's Police Academy stated, the abuse of alcohol and beer was extremely dangerous, especially when driving vehicles.

He also said that the People's Police Academy always attaches importance to popularizing traffic safety regulations to its staff and students. This forum was a part of the academy's efforts to build each police student as a speaker of traffic safety.

By Linh Bui