Hai Phong Traffic Police cleans up oil spills under the scorching sun

15:39 08/06/2017
PSNews - Reported on a large quantity of oil spilled over onto the road, 10 officers of the Hai Phong Traffic Police quickly moved to the scene and mobilized people and vehicles to clean up the road to avoid road accidents.

The incident happened at 8.30 am, June 6th at To Hieu road, Le Chan district (Hai Phong) when a truck suddenly spilled oil over onto the road, making up a 200m oil-spill trail, endangering vehicles and people.

Informed of the incident, Traffic Police Team 1 of the Hai Phong Municipal Police immediately assigned 10 officers and soldiers to the scene. The traffic policemen then used borrowed tools and hired a van to transport sand to clean the road under the scorching sun.

After 1 hour, the oil spills were all cleared up, eliminating risks of incidents for people.

The witnesses were very impressed by the good job done by the Hai Phong Traffic Police. It contributed to beautifying the image of the policeman in people's hearts. 
By An Nhien