Hanoi Police seize forger defrauding 3 billion VND

13:50 09/01/2017
PSNews – The Economic Police Division – the Hanoi Municipal Police, on January 8th, has detained Phung Huu Truong (aged 32) resident of Quynh Loi ward, Hai Ba Trung district, former bank staff for his act of appropriation of property.

According to the investigation agency, in mid December 2016, Trung came to the police, confessing his employment fraud and his illegal appropriation of over 3 billion VND.

Truong said, in October 2012, he as a bank worker had to make up 400 million VND to the bank for his huge mistake on data processing. He was then dismissed.

Suspect Phung Huu Truong

To acquire enough money to pay for the bank, Truong had to borrow 300 million VND at an interest rate of 3,000 VND/1 million VND/day on the black market. He also started gambling in the hope of making enough money to pay for the debt. However, his dept became larger, and finally Truong decided to cheat people out of money.

Through his personal networks, Truong posed as a senior bank staff, and started seeking people with their needs for jobs at banks. He asked his victims to hand him from VND 150 to 300 million as employment fees.

Based on his confession and other information sources, the investigation agency has so far concluded that Truong conducted 14 employment fraud cases and cheated his victims out of nearly 3.2 billion VND.

The investigation agency is still continuing their investigation into the case. 
By An Nhien