More efforts and solutions required to curb crimes of violence in Vietnam

21:00 30/05/2017

PSNews-Between 2006 and 2016, investigation agencies at all levels under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) conducted investigations and prosecutions of 79,000 cases and 99,000 criminals related to violence, additionally, Vietnam saw 1,400 cases of murder and 6,500 cases of intentional injury every year on average in that period.

The People’s Police Academy (PPA) organized a seminar themed “Crime of Violence in Vietnam – Situations, causes and solutions”. Senior Colonel Nguyen Dac Hoan, Vice Director of the PPA chaired the seminar.

According to research by the PPA, facts from crime prevention show that crime of violence is among the most dangerous threats to the community and society, determining national security; leaving negative impacts on the operation of State agencies and social organizations; directly infringing upon people’s rights of life, health, honor, dignity and property; causing panic to the public, and reducing the confidence of the people in the functional forces; affecting social security and socio-economic development of the country.

Statistics from the Ministry of Public Security show that from 2006 to 2016, investigating bodies at all levels of the MPS prosecuted and investigated 79,000 cases and 99,000 criminals of violence. On average, there were 1,400 homicides and 6,500 intentional injuries in the whole country every year.

Particularly, in recent years, the crime of homicide has been characterized by spontaneity, unpredictability and serious consequences, which have had negative impacts on social order and safety, causing worries and anxieties to the whole society.

According to the PPA, the results of criminological studies show that crime of violence, especially murders and intentional injuries due to conflicts in life, family relations or among relatives have been on the move and accounted for a high proportion of the crime structure (from 72% to 75%).

Criminals of violence are primarily aged between 16 and 30 (70%); a large number of them are found positive with stimulants (alcohol and beer accounting for more than 70% and drug use accounting for 23%) while committing the crime. 

Most of the violent criminals  use dangerous tools or weapons (military weapons, rudimentary weapons, toxins, combustible substances, acids or knives). Meanwhile, a large majority of serious criminal cases happen in areas under urbanization, border areas and buffer zones between urban and rural areas.

According to Senior Colonel Nguyen Dac Hoan, the workshop aimed to evaluate the situation, as well as to review the prevention and combat against crime of violence in southern provinces.

It also aimed to clarify the shortcomings of the legal framework on prevention and combat against crimes of violence; social protection system; responsibility of law enforcement agencies for preventing and combating crime and violations of the laws on violence; responsibility of State management agencies of culture, education and traditions; and the management of alcohol, restricted substances, weapons, explosives, support tools and combustible substances.
By Duy Tien