More than 1,000 frontline police officers get COVID-19 vaccine jabs

17:07 09/06/2021
The Public Security Hospital of Traditional Medicine was assigned to inject 1,060 jabs of COVID-19 vaccine to officers of 10 police units in the vaccination plan’s second phase.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Chi, Vice Head of Suoi Hai Prison’s Division 1, said that a tally of over 200 officers and soldiers at the prison had been vaccinated in 3 different vaccination drives. In the latest drive, 130 corrections officers have been vaccinated recently and all of them have not suffered severe reactions after getting vaccine jabs.

In the second phase of vaccination run by the Public Security Hospital of Traditional Medicine, 1,060 jabs of AstraZeneca vaccine were given to officers of 10 units, including the hospital itself, Prisons of Thanh Xuan and Suoi Hai, as well as academies and schools under the Ministry of Public Security based in Hanoi.

The second phase of the vaccination plan was launched on June 2 and is expected to end on June 15. After nearly a week, no severe reactions have been recorded after vaccination.