Quang Ninh Police promote traffic safety dissemination for students

18:01 25/09/2019
PSNews - As part of the traffic safety program for students in 2019 - 2020, the Dong Trieu Town Police Station in Quang Ninh province, in collaboration with Le Chan High School, organized an extracurricular session themed "Life skills-based education" and "Traffic safety skills" for 1,200 teachers and students.

"Life skills-based education" is an exciting extracurricular activity conducted at high schools in Dong Trieu town, in which 100 percent of students are equipped with knowledge of the traffic laws and traffic safety skills and sign commitments on social evil control and traffic safety at their schools.

: Representatives of students sign a commitment to prevent and fight against social evils and ensure traffic safety.

Through vivid stories and images with meaningful messages, officers of the Dong Trieu Town Police provided teachers and students with the traffic order and safety situation in the locality in recent times and explained to them the basic contents of the Traffic Law, meaning of traffic signs and several road traffic rules and practices. 

In addition, the traffic police officers also answered students’ questions about traffic safety, instructed them how to wear helmets properly and skills to ride motorbikes and electric bicycles safely.

At the end of the program, representatives of the classes signed a commitment to implement the "5 nos" movement on social evil control and traffic safety in the school, witnessed by representatives of the Board of School Management, the society of students’ parents and Dong Trieu Town Police.

The information session helped raise the teachers and students’ awareness of observing the Traffic Law and developing the traffic culture. The organizers also hoped that the students with their knowledge and awareness of the traffic laws will encourage their families, friends and communities to observe the traffic laws and exercise traffic safety regulations, contributing to protecting themselves and other people.

By Thien Minh