Waterway police launch campaign to handle violations of traffic safety regulations

16:00 13/09/2019
PSNews – The waterway police force under the Ministry of Public Security is launching a peak campaign to detect and handle waterway vehicles’ violations of traffic safety regulations. 

According to the Department of Traffic Police, the number of waterway vehicles violating the regulations of traffic registration, technical safety and reformation is increasing.

In particular, a large number of means illegally install pumping systems to exploit sand and gravel, undermining waterway traffic safety and causing social disorder on rivers. The increase of illegal mining activities on rivers could also causes water traffic accident.

 In order to reduce these offences, the Department of Traffic Police drew up a plan requiring all waterway police units to mobilize forces and means to inspect water vehicles, check and seriously handle violations on waterway routes.

 The campaign is divided into 2 phases, of which phase 1 was implemented from August 25 to September 10, and phase 2 is implementing from September 11 to October 25.

 In the first phase of the campaign, the functional forces promoted dissemination drives on waterways traffic.

 In the second phase, all waterway police units will simultaneously deploy forces to handle violations of waterway traffic safety regulations.

 The police will check all inland waterway vehicles and fishing boats operating on the inland waterways routes.

 Through the inspections and handling of violations, the waterway police will also explain relevant laws to crew and guide vehicle to practice the regulations on vehicle registration, technical safety and vehicle conversion. 

By An Nhien