Counter-narcotics police successfully investigate nearly 14.500 drug-related cases in first half

Thứ Tư, 19/06/2024, 18:01

On the occasion of the Action Month for Drug Prevention and Control, the Counter-Narcotics Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference to release the work results of the counter-narcotics police force in the first half of 2024, on the morning of June 18th, in Hanoi.

Counter-narcotics police successfully investigate nearly 14.500 drug-related cases in first half -0
Director General Nguyen Van Vien speaks at the conference.

At the conference, Director General of the Counter-Narcotics Police Department Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Vien revealed that, in the first 6 months of 2024, the situation of drug-related crimes remained very complicated in all key routes.

In particular, drug dealers increasingly took advantages of technology and cyberspace and used more and more sophisticated methods to commit crime, making it more difficult for the counter-narcotic police to detect and investigate.

Implementing the MPS leaders’ directions and the 2024 work plan, the counter-narcotics police force has taken sychoronous measures to prevent and combat drug-related crimes.

In the first 6 months of 2024, the counter-narcotics police force nationwide, in close coordination with relevant functional forces, has investigated and cleared 14,461 cases of drug-related crime, arrested more than 23,000 suspects and seized more than 196 kg of heroin, more than 2.34 tons and 1.47 million pills of synthetic drugs and 882 kg of cannabis.

Regarding the force’s international cooperation in drug prevention and control, the Counter-Narcotics Police Department has set up hotlines to exchange information on drug-related crimes around the clock, while always being ready to cooperate with international partners to combat transnational drug crime rings as well as track and arrest international wanted for drug trafficking, contributing to preventing drug-related crimes early and from afar.

By Duy Tien