Vietnam sees untapped potential for blockchain and AI development

Thứ Ba, 04/05/2021, 10:50
There remains untapped potential for blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) development in Vietnam, experts told a recent talkshow in Hanoi.

Adam Christopher Chaplin - CEO of Defi For You, said that this was a golden time to promote research, development and application of blockchain technology in Vietnam.

As a cryptocurrency expert and investor in blockchain application projects over the past seven years, he said that in the next two decades, blockchain would be the most important keyword in the technology world.

The overview of the talkshow entitled "AI vs Blockchain: Who would win" in Hanoi (Photo courtesy of the company)

Tran Quoc Long from the VNU University of Engineering and Technology said the potential of blockchain and AI development in Vietnam remained untouched with many opportunities waiting to be explored in the future.

Other experts at the event agreed that blockchain and AI development would be soon be facilitated in Vietnam thanks to the trend of digital transformation, advanced computing power and the emergence of large data sets.

Hosted by Edsolabs Joint Stock Company and Blockchain Developer Asia, the talkshow discussed AI and blockchain technologies in Vietnam.

In addition to updating the latest trends such as NFT (nonfungible tokens) technology, AIoT (artificial intelligence of things), experts have brought the correct scientific view of AI and blockchain technology through several lectures on AI applications, cloud computing, blockchain 101 while answering questions about the development roadmap of AI and blockchain industry.

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