iPhone 5S selling better than other smartphones in Vietnam

16:20 17/10/2016
Reports by largest mobile phone distribution chains all show that iPhone 5S 16 GB distributed by authorized resellers is still among the bestsellers, with demand even higher than demand for iPhone 6S and other high-end models. 
iPhone 5S unexpected topped The Gioi Di Dong’s list of bestsellers in the first six months of 2016, with sales exceeding iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 and all other blockbusters. 

Meanwhile, at FPT Shop, iPhone 5S ranked third in sales, despite the presence of many other attractive models.

Like the ‘iPhone 4S 8GB paradox’ last year, iPhone 5S continues to be the ‘phenomenon of the year’. 

Hitting the market three years ago, the model is still favored in the mid-class smartphone market segment with the selling price of VND6.99 million, competing well with the newly launched models of Samsung, Oppo and Sony.

Prior to that, Apple once tried to approach the Indian market with refurbished iPhones, but this was refused by the Indian government. 

At the same time, iPhone 5S re-appeared again in Vietnam. This triggered the rumour that the iPhone 5S in Vietnam were products which could not enter India. 

The rumor was convincing as people believed that Apple had stopped making iPhone 5S.

When asked about this, a representative of FPT Shop said it was true that Apple is focusing on new models, but affirmed that it still provides consignments of iPhone 5S for developing markets like Vietnam.

A representative of The Gioi Di Dong also said that all the iPhone 5S it distributes now were imported through the official channel, with the code of VN/A, specifically reserved for the Vietnamese market, and all of them are brand new.

However, according to Zing.vn, the iPhone 5S available in Vietnam have different sources. Since retailers try to be flexible to seeking supply sources to be able to obtain products at best prices, they would accept the consignments of goods at low prices from all sources.

Like iPhone 4S 8GB, iPhone 5S was the most suitable to users who have just approached the iOS platform. Analysts believe that Vietnamese users are attracted to the ‘high-end brand (Apple) and the mid-class price’. 

Besides iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S 16GB was the only other high-end smartphone model among the bestsellers. This was a big surprise as the 16GB version is the cheapest among the new iPhone models, priced at VND18.5 million.

Hitting the market later, iPhone SE’s sales were lower than iPhone 6S. Analysts believe that Vietnamese users remain indifferent to iPhone SE because of its appearance, similar to iPhone 5S.