British PM Mulls Extra 20 Billion Pounds to EU as Part of Brexit Divorce Bill

19:13 16/11/2017

British Prime Minister Theresa May is going to line up an additional 20 billion pounds ($26 billion) to the European Union as part of a Brexit divorce bill, the Sun has reported.

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The decision comes amid fears that the UK may miss a December deadline to start a discussion of future trade ties with the EU after Britain has left the bloc.

Business communities on both sides of the English Channel see progress in the drawn-out negotiations as vital for their investment projects.

EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has urged London to say how far it is ready to go to "honor its obligations" to end the impasse.

His British counterpart, David Davis was quoted as saying on Sunday that Britain is not yet ready to say loud and clear just how much it believes it owes the European Union.

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