Bookshelf “Hanoi in One’s eyes” launched

Thứ Tư, 18/04/2018, 17:07

PSNews – The Tre Publishing House held a ceremony on April 17 to launch the bookshelf “Hanoi in One’s Eyes” with the participation of writer Do Phan and many readers at No.2, Hang Bai street, Hanoi. 

Launching the bookshelf "Hanoi in One's Eyes", the Tre Publishing House aims to provide readers with information collected over the past decades about events, culture, life, dressing, language, behavior, and everyday activities of Hanoians.

The bookshelf "Hanoi in One's Eyes", a selection of books written by famous authors who tell different stories in different angles about Hanoi and Hanoians. It is not only a gift for Hanoians but also for those who love and want to learn about the city.

At the ceremony, writer Do Phan stated that, the foundation of the bookshelf “Hanoi in One’s eyes” is a right direction of the Tre Publishing House as the number of literature pieces about Hanoi is growing. He also hoped that more writers from localities across the country will contribute to the bookshelf about Hanoi.  

By Linh Bui