Vietnamese museums seek methods for better public engagement

11:26 08/07/2018
Today’s perceptions of museums are no longer limited to displaying historical and cultural artifacts, but have expanded to also reflect the connection between the present and past, as well as the interaction between the exhibits and visitors.

vietnamese museums seek methods for better public engagement hinh 0
Dak Lak Museum

Many museums in Vietnam have transformed themselves amidst fierce competition from diverse infotainment channels to better satisfy the public’s needs.

Artisan Y Mip Ayun of  the Ede ethnicity in Buon Ma Thuot city builds and performs various musical instruments at Dak Lak museum. He also instructs visitors who want to take part in the process of making the instruments. H Djuih Eban, a brocade weaving artisan and a guide at Dak Lak museum, is very proud to present her ethnic cultural values to visitors.

"Introducing brocade weaving to museum visitors is a very good way to promote our traditional handicrafts, thus better preserving them. Visitors will have a chance to learn how to weave beautiful brocade piếc," said Eban. 

Ethnic musical instrument building and brocade weaving sessions are organized by Dak Lak museum every month, or every quarter to offer visitors a chance to experience the local unique crafts, thus further exploring Dak Lak’s rich history and traditions.

vietnamese museums seek methods for better public engagement hinh 1
A display corner inside Dak Lak Museum

Hai Phong Museum has run a program entitled “I’m a museum guide” to provide students and young people with better access to historical records while performing as a tour guide at the museum.

"The program was launched last year to create an exciting summer for schoolchildren, where they can have fun while acquiring historical knowledge. We’re planning to expand this program to many schools across the city," said Bui Thi Nguyet Nga, Deputy Director of Hai Phong Museum. 

As part of an effort to attract more visitors, Ho Chi Minh city has upgraded its 5 museums, including Ton Duc Thang Museum, Fine Arts Museum, Ho Chi Minh city’s Museum of History, Museum of Southern Women, and HCM city Museum.

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Vietnam National Museum of History

"We plan to apply modern technologies in museum activities such as smart interaction museum and 3D technologies. In addition to contemplating artifacts on display, visitors can also log onto the museum’s websites to search for more information they are interested in," said Tran Vinh Tuyen, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh city’s People’s Committee.

This year, Vietnam National Museum of History organized a number of large exhibitions, six of which take place abroad. The museum has paid much attention to activities on research, collection, and education, while boosting communication networks.

vietnamese museums seek methods for better public engagement hinh 3
Items on display at Vietnam National Museum of History

"Much is still needed to be done, but we’re focusing more on improving our services, enhancing research activities, and boosting promotion both at home and abroad. We have also tried to improve our connections with museums and research institutes worldwide, to better promote Vietnam’s image," said Nguyen Van Cuong, the museum’s director.