Interoperable smart card system for public transportation in Hanoi

20:21 01/09/2017
The Record of discussions (R/D) of the technical cooperation project “Supporting development of interoperable smart card system for public transportation in Hanoi” was signed on August 31.

The Project will be carried out for 2 years from early 2018, aiming to improve the technical and management capacity of counterpart agencies under the Hanoi People’s Committee (HPC) for the development of interoperable smart card system for public transportation in Hanoi.  

Within the scope of the Project, a common technical platform for an interoperable electronic ticket system for all methods of public transportation in Ha Noi City such as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), bus and metro will be developed, which would facilitate a smooth usage for passengers commuting by public transport means using only one smart card.

Photo: TTTG

In the future, the e-ticket itself could be also used as E-money at many shopping malls all over Hanoi. The project therefore would contribute to setting a potential basis for a smart city in the years to come.

There must be an initiative to develop the common rules defining the technical details of the interoperable automatic fare collection (AFC) system from the front-end portion to the highest level of the clearing system to establish a mechanism for the settlement of payment among different transport operators.

JICA determined to provide Technical Cooperation in this connection to formulate the 'Design Guideline and Specifications’ for interoperable smart card system to serve for the realization of the interoperable smart card and AFC system among all modes of public transportation in Hanoi.
By S.Thuong