Traffic accidents are 'biggest killer’ of people in Vietnam

07:59 23/12/2016
Roads are now the biggest killer of people in the country, with road traffic deaths reaching epidemic proportions, killing 24 and injuring another 60 every day, according to Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh.

Speaking at a conference on December 22 in Hanoi, the Deputy Prime Minister said road safety is one of the nation’s greatest development challenges and predicts the number of people killed in traffic accidents will continue to rise if no urgent action is taken. 

A report by the National Traffic Safety Committee blames the high numbers of fatalities on inadequate transport policies that must be changed to prioritize people and road safety over vehicles, highways and speed.

If left unhindered, the report warns that spiralling road deaths and injuries will be a significant barrier to the country hitting education and poverty targets set out in the millennium development goals, said Deputy Prime Minister Binh.

There are many simple, affordable and tested interventions that can be undertaken such as enforcing the rules on crash helmets, seat belts and drinking and driving, which will strengthen vehicle safety.

Other measures that could help prevent road deaths include stronger vehicle safety regulations requiring citizens to maintain safe vehicles as well as regulations preventing vehicle manufacturers from producing unsafe vehicles.

Better road safety strategies also play a pivotal role in making the countries roadways safer, he concluded.