Dolphins spotted multiple times around Co To island

Thứ Ba, 30/01/2024, 22:55

PSNews - A resident of Co To District, Quang Ninh Province recently recorded footage of a group of around 30 dolphins surfacing in the sea approximately 2-3 km off the coast of the island.

Dozens of dolphins spotted off northern Vietnam coast. 

According to him, the encounter is not uncommon, but usually, only a few dolphins appear. The man said this is the largest group he has ever seen.

In mid-December 2023, during their patrol, local border guard soldiers captured a 35-second clip of a pod of whales appearing southeast of the island, approximately six nautical miles from the coast.

Dolphins spotted multiple times around Co To island -0
Dolphins spotted in Co To.

Also last year, a group of 4-5 whales were spotted foraging for food around Co To island twice in July and September.

In 2022, local fishermen discovered a group of dolphins swimming for several hours near the local Nam Hai beach in November, while a rare sea turtle weighing around 20kg made an appearance at Đong beach.

By An Nhien