Department of Cyber ​​Security and Hi-tech Crime Prevention requested to effectively prevent cyber crimes

Thứ Sáu, 03/01/2020, 17:40
The Department of Cyber ​​Security and Hi-tech Crime Prevention on December 31held a conference to review its task performance in 2019 and roll out its working program for 2020.

Senior Lieutenant General Bui Van Nam, Member of the Party Central Committee and Deputy Minister of Public Security, attended and spoke at the conference.

Deputy Minister Bui Van Nam speaks at the event.

In 2019, the department successfully investigated 27 specialized criminal cases and coordinated with other investigation agencies at all levels to prosecute 15 criminal cases and 121 arrestees as well as extradite 555 foreign criminals to its foreign counterparts.

The department also detected and successfully handled many cases of State secret leaks in the internet while expanding cooperation with foreign partners in the fight against hi-tech crime.

The department also actively provided correct information in the fight against fake and distorted information in the cyberspace. During the year, it in coordination with Central-level agencies, ministries and localities maintained safety and security for the national information network as well as information networks of ministries, agencies and local authorities.

Deputy Minister Bui Van Nam awards Certificates of Merit from the Ministry of Public Security to excellent individuals of the department.

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister Bui Van Nam praised and congratulated the cyber security and high-tech crime prevention force on their achievementsover the past years.

Regarding its missions this year, Deputy Minister Bui Van Nam requested the Department of Cyber ​​Security and Hi-tech Crime Prevention to focus on Party and force building and cement the unity across the force.

Deputy  Minister Bui Van Nam and other delegates at the conference.

The Deputy Minister also asked the department to play a leading role in advising the Ministry of Public Security, the Party and the State in developing guidelines on implementing the Law on Cybersecurity and to strengthen State governance over network security protection and hi-tech crime prevention.

The department was also urged to further improve the efficiency of the professional work in order tofirmly protect the information systems of important agencies of the Party, State and the People's Public Security Forces, and fight hostile and reactionary forces’ propaganda against the Party and State as well as to prevent cybercrime.

By Minh Thien