Phu Tho Police upholding good image at Hung King Temple Festival

Thứ Ba, 04/04/2017, 15:50
PSNews - The Phu Tho Provincial Police have upheld their sense of responsibility to overcome difficulties and effectively serve people during the ongoing festive season, contributing to highlighting a good image of the Phu Tho police.

These days, all Vietnamese people at home and overseas want to visit the Ancestral Land - the origin of the nation. From early morning, the main road leading to the historical Hung Temple relics was full of people and vehicles.

Officers and soldiers of the Phu Tho Provincial Police who have assigned to guard the Ancestral Tomb all feel proud and try the best to successfully fulfill their assignment. Under the heat of the sun and in a stuffy and dusty environment, they all worked very enthusiastically to guide vehicles into the parking area. They also directed people to keep order when visiting temples and participating in cultural activities.

In order to ensure absolute safety for tourists, the Pho Tho police force has deploy its officers and soldiers along the main route, especially from the main gate to the Thuong Temple, to help elderly and children and to remind people not to go to dangerous areas and avoid accidents.

Tourist Nguyen Van Hai (aged 70, residing in Bac Ninh) said he was very impressed with the sense of duty of the Phu Tho Police. He was lost while traveling with his group but thanks to the dedicated guides of police officers, he found his friends and safely made his way to the bus station to go home.

High working spirit and good dedication to the people have been considered  major requirements for each officer and soldier of the Phu Tho Provincial Police when working at the Hung Kings Temple during this festive season. That explains why even during peak days of the festivals, they are still seen as dedicated to the people, while successfully preventing all kinds of criminal. 
By An Nhien