Phu Yen traffic police escort 400 people returning home from pandemic-hit areas

21:34 29/07/2021
The first 400 out of the total 4,000 people coming from Phu Yen, who are temporarily working and living in Ho Chi Minh City and other southern provinces, have returned home thanks to the traffic police of Phu Yen.

20 buses carrying 400 people back to Phu Yen were accompanied by traffic policemen along 1,000km on July 27. The traffic policemen’s escort aimed to ensure safe and smooth traffic for the bus group.

Colonel Vo Hung Tuong, Head of the Traffic Police Office under the Provincial Police Department of Phu Yen, said the 8-member team of traffic policemen led by Lieutenant Colonel Huynh Ngoc Cong guided the buses to Phu Yen safely.

In spite of difficulties and hardships during the long journey, Cong said he and his fellow policemen felt happy to support the people in returning their home. 

Additionally, the Traffic Police Office of Phu Yen also donated money, medical equipment and tons of vegetables to people in pandemic-hit areas in the province.

40 drivers and 20 coaches joined the campaign to take4,000 people to Phu Yen from Ho Chi Minh City, the current COVID-19 hotspot in the country. Each trip takes two days and the campaign will continue until all listed people return to Phu Yen safely. Each vehicle is equipped with necessities and medical supplies for COVID-19 prevention and control in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Health.

The Provincial People’s Committee of Phu Yen gives first priority to elderly people, children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with disabilities, unemployed and homeless workers and students. Before the trip, people must show testing results negative for SARS-CoV-2 and the certificate should be valid within 36 hours. They must also make health declarations and commitments to have no contact with infected cases.