Traffic police donates 30 life jackets to waterway passenger transporters

10:38 01/06/2017
PSNews – The road traffic police team under of the Lam Ha District Police on May 30 donated life jackets to owners of passenger transporting means in the locality.

Lam Ha district (Lam Dong province) has many rivers, streams and reservoirs so local people depend much on waterways. Apart from licensed people transporting boats and ferries operating at wharves, there are still a number of waterway means without licenses. 

In the past, most of the waterway transporters and passengers were not aware of safety nor wore life jackets while travelling across the reservoir or rivers. What is more, boats did not meet the safety standards and were often overloaded.

Traffic police donates 30 life jackets to waterway passenger transporters.

Against this backdrop, at the beginning of the rainy season, the leadership of the Lam Ha District Police has directed functional forces to handle all unlicensed wharves and vessels. In addition, the traffic police team of the Lam Ha District Police was urged to coordinate with the People's Committees of communes and local schools to regularly organize training workshops to popularize traffic laws and safety rules in both waterway and road for locals, especially children.

Major Phan Dai Loi, Deputy Head of the Lam Ha District Police, said that in order to contribute to maintaining waterway safety and protecting human lives, his unit had checked activities of all waterway passenger transporting vessels and wharves in the area.

The Lam Ha District Police also handed 30 life jackets, including 10 children's life jackets for some waterway passenger transporting vessels, which are permitted to carry passengers across rivers and streams.

By Phung Nguyen