University of Techniques and Logistics of Public Security starts new academic year

09:36 26/10/2018

PSNews - The University of Techniques and Logistics of Public Security held a ceremony on October 24 to start its 2018 - 2019 academic year, in Bac Ninh.

Major General Bui Minh Giam speaks at the event. 

Major General Nguyen Dang Tien, Rector of the University of Techniques and Logistics of Public Security emphasized that the university had gained various achievements and fulfilled all given tasks in the previous academic year, making contributions to the general achievements in education and training of the whole Public Security Forces.               

Particularly, the university was also honored with the Excellent Emulation Flag by the MPS, 5 organs of the university also received Emulation Flags of the MPS and the General Department, and various groups and individuals were presented awards for outstanding achievements.

Speaking at the ceremony, Major General Bui Minh Giam congratulated and praised the University of Techniques and Logistics for their outstanding achievements in the past academic year.

He showed his agreement with the orientations and major missions set out for the 2018-2019 academic year of the school, and asked all staff and students to raise their awareness of its core task of education and training in the current situation while always grasping and implementing the directions of the Central Public Security Party Committee, leaders of the MPS on education and training within the Public Security Forces in the new academic year.

He also urged the university to continue to innovate and improve the quality of education and training, attach importance to managing students, strengthening the education of political stance and ethics and good lifestyles as well as the manners of the police officer for its students.

Major General Bui Minh Giam asked the university to promote scientific research, well combine practical reviews and theoretical research to contribute to the improvement of the police professional theoretical system, solve newly-emerging problems, and advise the leaders of the MPS on scientific and academic issues to boost scientific and technological development in the 4th industrial revolution.

He also required the university to promote cooperation with sectors, organizations and other universities inside and outside the Public Security Forces, enhance international cooperation with traditional partners to gradually become a prestigious center of training and education in the Public Security Forces.
By Duy Tien