Hanoi deploys QR code scanner at COVID-19 checkpoints

20:30 15/09/2021

Hanoi has introduced specialized cameras to scan the QR code on medical declarations and travel permits at checkpoints on the gateways to the city.

The effort is expected to minimize close contacts between citizens and officials on duty, reducing the risk of community infection, contributing to epidemic control.

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At a checkpoint on Phap Van - Cau Gie highway, a QR code scanning camera system has been installed by the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order.

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The camera system was installed on September 13 by the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order in coordination with the Municipal Police Department of Hanoi.

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The camera system is attached to a fence where drivers and people can easily reach and have their QR code scanned. The camera is connected to a computer so police officers can check the information of the traffic participants from afar.

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The officers at the checkpoint also instruct people how to make online medical declarations and get their QR codes from App Store, Google Play or website suckhoe.dancuquocgia.gov.vn.

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A man shows his QR code in front of the camera

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In several seconds, all relevant information about the person will be fully displayed on the screen.

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People should provide their travel permits and ID cards to go through the checkpoint.

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Medical workers at the checkpoint shall check other papers, including COVID-19 testing results.

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Local authorities urged people to frequently make online health declarations. The QR code is valid in 72 hours. During this period, people can go through the checkpoints. Online medical declaration also supports functional forces in tracing infection cases and prevent violations of social distancing measures.