Task Force 1311 shows efficiency in ensuring security in Hue City

Thứ Sáu, 09/02/2024, 14:20

Task Force 1311 of the Hue City Police Station has discovered and smashed many criminal gangs, contributing to ensuring security, order and traffic safety in the ancient capital of Hue.

Task Force 1311 shows efficiency in ensuring security in Hue City -0

As the year of 2023 neared to an end, locals and tourists gathered on the streets in the evening to enjoy the festive atmosphere, criminals also increased their activities. In addition, a number of young people and teenagers flocked to join illegal motorcycle racing, causing troubles to traffic safety.

To deal with a potential rise in crimes and ensure traffic safety and order during the festive season, Task Force 1311 was formed, a joint working group of police officers from various divisions under the city police station.

Lieutenant Colonel Le Ngoc Minh, Captain of the Criminal Police Division under the Hue City Police Station, said Task Force 1311 is deployed to work from 8 pm to midnight. Member officers are equipped with the means and combat gears specialized for the police force to suppress, criminals. With a high sense of responsibility, members of the task force squad patrol along key routes and in areas with potential security and traffic safety violations. So they can promptly detect and stop violations or acts of violating public order and causing disturbance of teenagers.

Recently, the squad received  reports that two groups of teenagers carrying weapons gathered at the intersection of Dien Bien Phu and Dao Tan streets (Truong An ward, Hue city). Task Force 1311 coordinated with other police units to promptly deploy forces to successfully prevent a big street fight. Among the arrested were Pham Nguyen Bao Thach (15, residing in Thuy Bang commune, Hue city); Le Quoc Phu (16, residing in Phuoc Vinh ward, Hue city). The Criminal Investigation Agency under the Hue City Police Station has prosecuted the case, indicting 14 persons involved, including 10 arrested, to investigate the case of disturbing public order.

Colonel Nguyen Viet Hoang, Head of the Hue City Police Station, added that, since the inception of the force more than a month,  Task Force 1311 has detected and handled 60 cases of people on motorbike violating the traffic regulations, 10 people tested positive for drugs, and prevented 3 group fights of local teenagers.

By Duy Tien