Vietnam deeply concerned about tension escalation in Middle East

Chủ Nhật, 14/04/2024, 23:05

Vietnam is deeply concerned about the tension escalation in the Middle East, especially violent acts that violating the UN Charter and inflicting damage on civilians, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Pham Thu Hang said on April 14.

Responding to reporters’ query about Vietnam’s reaction to the rocket barrage into Israel, the spokesperson called on related parties to exercise restraint, settle disagreements by peaceful measures and strictly comply to international law, the UN Charter and relevant UN resolutions.

She also urged the parties to immediately end the violent acts that are pushing tension to escalate for the sake of security, safety, peace and security in the region and the world as a whole.

Vietnam deeply concerned about tension escalation in Middle East -0
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Pham Thu Hang (Photo: VNA) 

* Vietnamese citizens in the Middle East have been safe amidst the complicated and escalating tension between Israel and Iran, the Vietnamese Embassies in Israel and Iran said on April 14.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directed the Vietnamese embassies in the region to work closely with local authorities and diplomatic corps, enhance citizen protection measures, and maintain regular contact with the Vietnamese communities to keep constantly updated on expat communities' information.

The two embassies have advised the Vietnamese citizens on safety measures, and will keep a close watch on the situation while building suitable citizen protection plans.

The citizens have been advised to temporarily keep away from areas of conflict, stay updated on the situation, carry out necessary safety measures, strictly comply with regulations of local authorities, avoid large gatherings and limit travel.

When needing assistance, they should contact the embassy in Israel at 972-50-818-6116,  972-52-727-4248 and  972-50-994-0889, the embassy in Iran at 98 21 22411670 and  98 9306 459 865, or the Vietnamese foreign ministry’s citizen protection hotline at 84 981 84 84 84.