MPS plays important role in COVID-19 fight

10:46 28/10/2021

The Public Security Forces (PSF) have played their important role in pandemic prevention and combat while ensuring security and order, as well as ensuring social welfare.

MPS plays important role in COVID-19 fight  -0
Deputy Minister Le Quoc Hung inspects a COVID-19 checkpoint in Binh Duong in July.

The 4th wave of the COVID-19 epidemic has had direct and significant impacts on social life, security and safety. Since the first COVID case was recorded in Vietnam, the PSF has mobilized officers and soldiers to participate in COVID prevention and combat. Especially, when the pandemic broke out, the public security medical sector participated in managing field hospitals treating COVID-19 patients while police forces guarded medical checkpoints on routes and quarantine zones.

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has actively advised the Party, State to deal with various issues related pandemic prevention and combat.

In addition, the MPS has strictly implemented the resolution of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat, relevant directions of the Government and the Prime Minister on COVID prevention and control, and directed all agencies and units under the ministry to take measures to prevent and fight the pandemic.

The MPS has established an anti-COVID Steering Committee led by a Deputy Minister. The ministry and the steering committee have actively grasped the pandemic situation and directed all public security agencies and units to promptly take measures to prevent the pandemic and ensure security and order during important events of the country, particularly the elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and people’s Councils at all levels in early 2021.

MPS plays important role in COVID-19 fight  -0
Traffic policemen in HCMC checking permissions of drivers. 

The MPS has been the first ministry to establish a Front Command in Ho Chi Minh City, led by a Deputy Minister, to direct the public security COVID prevention and control efforts in the Southern region, and join the Prime Minister's Special Working Group for pandemic prevention and control in the South.

Leaders of the ministry regularly inspected COVID-19 prevention and control in various areas in the South and the Central Highlands – pandemic hotbeds.

When the situation of the pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City and Southern localities became complicated, the MPS promptly established a field hospital in Ho Chi Minh City with a capacity of 300 beds, including 100 beds for severe cases.

The field hospital run by the public security medical sector coordinated closely with the Ministry of Health, the People’s Committee of HCM City as well as relevant agencies to treat COVID patients. 

Regarding the fight against distorted the Party, State, Government’s policies on anti-COVID, the PSF actively grasped the situation and successfully defeated all sabotage plots and activities by hostile and reactionary forces as well as prevented and handled misinformation about the COVID situations posted on social networks.

The police force has fined 150 people for spreading fake news, blocked or requested social media users to remove nearly 11,000 posts containing malicious information.

MPS plays important role in COVID-19 fight  -0
Policemen checking permissions of people in Hanoi.

Police also managed to detect and handled serious cases of production and trade of fake medicines and medical supplies while preventing acts that might spread the disease, including controlling illegal exit from and entry into the country, and managing foreign residencies.

In response to critical situations of the pandemic, the MPS sent officers and soldiers to COVID-19 hotspots in support of local COVID prevention and control efforts.

In particular, the MPS has deployed 600 policemen to Hai Duong to ensure security and order. Some 900 police officers and soldiers and 300 health workers of the PSF were sent to Bac Ninh and Bac Giang to support COVID-19 prevention and control in the two provinces.

Recently, some 100,000 officers and soldiers were sent to Ho Chi Minh City and Southern localities to support COVID-19 prevention and control efforts in these cities and provinces.  Additionally, more than 10,000 students from public security academies and schools under the MPS were sent to COVID-19 hotspots to support the local medical sector in guarding hospitals and quarantine zones, and police force in ensuring public order and security.