Quang Binh police destroy large-scale illegal mining

22:16 09/12/2021

PSNews - The Economic Security Office under the Quang Binh Provincial Police Department in collaboration with other specialized local police units and the Tuyen Hoa District Station destroyed a large criminal group illegally exploiting minerals in Tuyen Hoa district (Tuyen Quang province).

Quang Binh police destroy large-scale illegal mining -0
Vehicles carrying illegally mined ores seized by the police.

Recently, the task-force police group seized two Howo-branded trucks, each carrying 35-40 tons of illegally mined ores, while they were on their way from the unlawful mines to Tien Hoa commune in Tuyen Hoa district. 

The police immediately detained two drivers, namely Cao Minh Tuat (born in 1984, residing in Kim Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa district) and Tran Van Dong (born in 1973, residing in Lien Truong commune, Quang Trach district).

Quang Binh police destroy large-scale illegal mining -0
Overview of the unlawful mining field.

On the same day, the police arrested seven people illegally mining on the boundary of Kim Hoa and Huong Hoa communes (Tuyen Hoa district) accused of illegally mining and transporting iron ores. They all live in Tuyen Hoa and Quang Trach districts. 

The task force seized one excavator and seven large trucks at the scene as well as cell phones of the criminals, for further investigation.

The accused illegally mined iron ore in an area of 2-3 hectares with 5-7 meters deep.

The case is currently under the investigation of the Tuyen Hoa District Criminal Investigation Agency in accordance with the laws.

By L.B